Revolutionizing Supply Chain Management: How The SCOR Model Inspired The Birth of The Owl Solutions

Have you heard of the SCOR Model? It’s a popular methodology that has been used by thousands of organizations to improve their supply chain performance.

But what are the benefits, and how does The Owl Solutions leverage SCOR with their software?

Revolutionize Your Supply Chain with The Owl Solutions and the SCOR Model

The supply chain industry is riddled with inefficiencies and problems that can severely impact a company’s financial performance. Traditional tools and processes used to improve business outcomes are often ineffective, leading to supply chain issues that compound over time. Enter The Owl Solutions, a revolutionary platform built by supply chain experts with decades of executive experience.

Hugo and Miguel, the founders of The Owl Solutions, realized that existing reporting systems and self-serve tools were not providing the right information at the right time. Supply chain planning systems and extensions to ERPs were cumbersome, time-consuming, and failed to deliver the promised outcomes. Frustrated and feeling like they were fighting a losing battle, they set out to create a simple solution that could provide measurable business outcomes with real-time KPIs and industry best practices.

The Owl – the solution they created is based on the SCOR Model, a methodology developed in 1996 by the Association for Supply Chain Management (formerly known as APICS).

The Owl Solutions platform allows companies to measure and address KPIs related to different areas and roles within the supply chain, such as planning, sourcing, producing, delivering, returns, and enablement. Performance attributes include reliability, responsiveness, flexibility, asset, and cost management.

What differentiates The Owl Solutions from other software companies is its focus on the correct foundational components, ongoing expert service, and easy implementation.

The platform is designed to provide the perfect combination of software and service for companies to make better decisions daily and improve their bottom line.

Companies like Canada Goose, Jamieson Wellness, Pradco, and Nutiva are already seeing incredible results from working with The Owl Solutions.

If you’re ready to take your supply chain to the next level, speak to one of our experts today.