Our Story

What do Owls and Supply Chains Have in Common?

Introducing Our Platform

As the premier cloud-based supply chain performance platform developed by supply chain experts, our commitment lies in catering to the distinct needs of supply chain professionals.

Multiple people gathered and discussing ideas.

Tired of struggling to access clear data?

We get it, and that’s why we transformed into solution developers. With our deep understanding of the manufacturing supply chain, we built a platform specifically designed for your unique needs. 

Our platform combines valuable data, into a user-friendly dashboard that empowers your team, boosts profitability, and increases productivity.

Our Leadership

Hugo Fuentes Diaz

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Miguel Gallardo

Co-founder and Chief Product Officer

Olivia Santucci

Marketing Manager

Carlos Poblete

Business Development Representative

Our Mission

Empower every supply chain professional to reach their full potential.

Our Vision

At The Owl, we're all about boosting the confidence and success of supply chain heroes, making sure organizations reach their full potential. Our vision isn't just a goal; it's an exciting journey filled with innovation, excellence, and outstanding performance. We empower supply chain professionals with the tools they need to shine and succeed.

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