Dive into the future of supply chains with expert-led webinars. Gain actionable insights and practical tips to improve your supply chain performance.

How Manufacturers Can Improve S&OP Processes Using Supply Chain Data

Explore common data challenges faced by manufacturers, the impacts on S&OP processes, and practical solutions to enhance operational efficiency through aligned data practices.

Creating Resilient and Sustainable Supply Chains

We dive into actionable strategies leading manufacturers such as Jamieson Wellness and Riverside Natural Foods are taking towards creating more sustainable supply chains.

Mastering Inventory Challenges: Insights and Solutions from Kraft Heinz

Join us for an insightful webinar featuring Omar Ezz from Kraft Heinz, as we explore the challenges of inventory management, the art of balancing supply chain dynamics, and the pivotal role of data in achieving inventory success, culminating in actionable insights for success in this complex field.

Using Data-Driven Strategies to Embed Sustainability into Supply Chains

Explore the integration of sustainability into supply chain decision-making with The Owl's CEO, Hugo Fuentes, at Supply Chain Canada's National Conference in Saskatoon, where he shares data-driven strategies and practical solutions for manufacturing companies aiming to build eco-friendly supply chains.

Top Supply Chain Data Challenges and How to Solve Them

Award-Winning Data Governance Leader and Founder of Lights On Data, George Firican, joins us as we tackle supply chain data challenges and provide solutions, including a four-step guide to creating a robust data management strategy, ultimately reducing manual data vetting time and enhancing supply chain efficiency through high-quality data and analytics.

Top Challenges of Inventory Management for Manufacturing Companies

Dive into strategies for efficient inventory management and sustainable supply chain practices with St. Claire Gerald, VP of Supply Chain Operations at RTG Solutions Group Inc. Leveraging St. Claire's expertise in finance and supply chain management to provide actionable insights for optimizing operations and reducing waste.

S&OP For Midsize Companies


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In this webinar, The Owl Solutions' CEO is joined by Six S Partner's President and CEO, John Preiditsch, to discuss how to get started with sales and operations planning.

Supply Chain Y Digitalizacion


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En este webinar auspiciado por Revista Logistec, Hugo expone su vision respecto al camino hacia la digitalizacion de las cadenas de suministro.

Tips on How to Fix a Broken Supply Chain


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Six S Partners and The Owl Solutions would like to invite you to join us for an interactive online discussion on how to leverage your existing ERP data to build supply chain resilience.

We will cover:

Webinar: Análisis de datos en la Cadena de Suministro. ¿Por dónde comenzar su implementación?


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En este webinar auspiciado por Revista Logistec, Miguel expone su vision respecto a la adopción de tecnología por parte de las compañías y el aumento de su importancia en la toma de decisiones, y que a pesar de las inversiones realizadas, muchas empresas aun realizan su gestión diaria y el cálculo de indicadores de desempeño en planillas excel, consumiendo muchos recursos de manera ineficiente. Qué factores influyen en la implementación de data analytics en Supply Chan y por dónde comenzar su implementación son parte de los tópicos a discutir en este Webinar.

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