Challenges in Implementing Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) for Manufacturers?

Many manufacturers struggle to adopt effective S&OP. 

According to Gartner (2024), only 15% report successful adoption. 

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Key Challenges

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1. Unclear Goals:

Objectives not documented, targets not detailed and team expectations not shared

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2. Inefficient Reporting:

IT lacks bandwidth for data projects, supply chain teams overwhelmed and S&OP teams spend hours on spreadsheets

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3. Action Paralysis:

Actions not documented, lack of follow-up, and meetings focused on news sharing, rather than collaboration

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Improve S&OP with Owl's Analytics

Transform your S&OP with Owl’s smart analytics platform. With Owl’s Scorecard, managers can monitor KPIs daily, stay updated on trends, and track key initiatives.

Key Features

Deployment Options

  1. Cloud: Hosted by Owl with pre-built dashboards
  2. Corporate BI: Integrated into your MS PowerBI with pre-built dashboards
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Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.

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