Histories of The Future Part II: Supply Chain Data Analytics with Hugo Fuentes 

We dive into Part II of Histories of the Future this week to understand how The Owl Solutions formed, the benefits customers have seen from the solution and why sustainability is a core component for the brand.
The Owl and Supply Chain Canada partnered to host a dinner event that celebrates the supply chain heroes’ awards which was yet another testament to the relentless and round the clock work that supply chains across the globe continue to deliver daily.
On this weeks episode of Histories of The Future, The Owl's CEO Hugo Fuentes joins Jonathan Karelse to discuss his 20+ years of supply chain experience, the role of data analytics and the beginning of The Owl.
“Supply chains are extremely complex, so we designed our platform to be user-friendly and very comprehensive at the same time, in order to illuminate professionals to detect performance anomalies before they turn into massive business issues. The Owl uses a holistic approach, powerful analytics and real-time KPIs to identify inefficiencies within supply chains, resulting in an increased bottom line.”
The Owl Solutions CEO Hugo Fuentes speaks at Conestoga College's Research Symposium 2022 on how digital transformation can help the supply chains of manufacturers.
The Owl Solutions CPO Miguel Gallardo speaks at CIFST ALT 2022 Conference about creating everyday sustainable supply chains.