The Power of Real-Time Information

Do you feel like you spend all your time inputting data into an enormous spreadsheet? Do your spreadsheets have so many links, look-ups, and connections that adding a new product, material, vendor, or any other piece of data takes weeks (and multiple attempts) to complete? Do you have a team of analysts who spend more […]

What Performance Management Is In Supply Chain and Two Ways It Can Help Achieve Business Objectives

Within a workplace, understanding the value and importance of performance management is key for a company to meet its business objectives and goals. Managers who understand what performance management is and how they can effectively implement it possess a competitive advantage. This is because effective performance management helps businesses ensure that they are getting the […]

What Logistics Is

To define logistics requires you to understand that it is really only one integral part of supply chain management. Logistics is the process of transporting goods through each stage of the supply chain into the hands of the customer. However, logistics management is not as simple as scheduling trucks to pick up and deliver goods […]

Inventory Management Benefits

Inventory Management is the process through which inventory is maintained in order to meet the demand of a company’s goods. A great inventory management system will tell a company exactly how many items they have on hand so that they can prevent shortages or surpluses, both of which can incur costs. Shortages will cause delays […]