Sales and Operations Planning

Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP): Challenges and Solutions

The manufacturing industry is always changing and can get pretty complex, constantly evolving with new technologies and shifting market demands. That’s why making sure your production and supply match up with demand is key to success. Que the introduction of Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP). It’s a vital process that helps your entire organization work towards […]

Ensuring Data Quality With Proper Date Formatting

An Everyday Example of Date Formatting Take a moment to glance at the shopping receipts tucked away in your wallet, especially if you’re in Canada like me. Check the dates printed on them, and you’ll likely notice a variety of formats.  Here’s a snapshot of what I found:  – 03/06/2024  – 03/04/24  – 03/01/24  – […]

How to Leverage Your Existing Data to Improve Supply Chain Performance

Episode I:Raw materials lead time and the “workaround” economy Companies, both large and small, invest in software programs to automate, simplify, and facilitate standard practices within their supply chains. Successful implementations require extra focus on ‘scrubbing’ the data used to set the initial system parameters because, as we all know, “garbage in equals garbage out.” […]